Welcome to Singer-Songwriter Collaborations    


Singer Songwriter Collaborations is a project that has brought a diverse group of talented Indi Artists together to collaborate on an eclectic group of songs. We have taken a unique approach to songwriting in that each artist is given a high level generic structure and theme for a song and then asked to make it into something of their own. We have found that this approach allows the Artist to explore beyond where they may have gone on their own with a particular concept.

      It is an ongoing project where numerous singer/songwriters and musicians with various styles come together to create multi-genre’ songs that span the range from current pop to retro-sounding compositions. In this approach the project is really never done. By taking this approach we allow the singer/songwriters the flexibility to participate at whatever level works for them without interfering with their own careers and schedules.  This approach also gives Singer-Songwriter Collaborations the ability to attract the best artists with the wide variety of styles that is required to create a truly cross-Genre’ set of songs at the highest quality.



  Suzanne Vick – Singer / Songwriter                    www.suzannevick.com 

  “I Wanna Know”, “Feeling”, “Always”

  Lee Ann Lovelace -  Singer / Songwriter             www.lalovelace.com

  “Hard To Be Me”, “Let Me Love You”

  Alex Bach – Singer / Songwriter                         www.alexbachmusic.com

  “No Greater Love”

  Bonnie Lee Panda – Singer / Songwriter            www.bonnieleepanda.com

   “He Kissed Me (Full Band)” , “He Kissed Me (Acoustic)”

  Matt Oestreicher –Musician –Pianist-Arranger   www.mattoestreicher.com

   “Always Inst”, “If Only Inst”, “Had To Be You Inst”  +Piano on all songs

Producers / Musicians

  Vic Steffens – Executive Producer / Drums          www.horizonmusicgroup.com

  Steve Klunk – Musician- Bass Player  all songs

 Darrell Brisco – Producer / Musician                                    www.twogalleries.com  

Produced “No Greater Love”, Bass Guitar “Let Me Love You”

 Bill Holoman – Musician- Horns                                           www.billholloman.com

 “Hard To Be Me”

 Scott White – Musician - lead guitar / Producer                   www.whitehouseproductions.net

Co-Producer – Lead Guitar “Let Me Love You”, Co-Producer “Hard To Be Me”

 Scott Labish – Percussion

“I Wanna Know”

 Café’   - Percussion                                                                 www.cafedasilva.com

“Let Me Love You”

 Bob Ranaudo – Acoustic Guitar Instrumental                     www.bobranaudo.com

“Let Me Love You”

 Mark Burch – Producer / Musician                                       www.markaburch.com

Producer –“ He Kissed Me (Full Band)”

 Natalie Chavoya – Video Producer  / Marketing                 www.nickichavoya.com

 Steve Tobey – Drums

“Hard To Be Me”

Chris Bickley – Lead Guitar                                                  www.chrisbickley.net   

Lead Guitar – “Feeling”

Alicd Bargeron – Back Ground Vocals “He Kissed Me”